Because They're Meant to Be Enjoyed... March 13 2015

Leather is tough, leather ages why should caring for your shoes and bags be so complicated?  We feel the same way, and that's why we created Petri Polish.

We want you to wear your favorite pair of shoes and wear them hard and we want you to always look polished and put-together.  To keep your shoes looking fresh, you don't need a cleaner with enough alcohol in it to get a frat house loaded.  You don't need to follow that up with 2 more steps (at least one coat each of cream polish and wax polish).  That sounds like a lot of work and it is.

We believe that you should enjoy wearing your favorite boots, and you should enjoy the minute or two of effort it takes to care for them.  

So enjoy your weekend, and if you get some St. Patrick's Day beer spilled on your favorite shoes this weekend, don't sweat it...just order some Leather Balm from Petri Polish and clean them right up!