Beeswax keeps your footwear protected from the elements April 03 2015

Everyone knows what beeswax is but have you ever really considered where it comes from?  It's created by worker bees to build a honeycomb where food is stored and eggs are laid.  That means that beeswax is downright essential to the very existence of bees everywhere.

Honeycombs are often built in protected areas, but that doesn't mean they're not subject to some pretty rough conditions--especially moisture.  Fortunately for bees, their wax has some very unique properties that make it resistant to water and solvents.

Petri Polish leverages the power of beeswax to afford your fine leather shoes and bags that same level of protection.  Shoes treated with our formulas feature great protection from rain, meaning your feet will stay drier and your shine will stay intact through the harshest of April showers. 

The beeswax in our formulas also serves as a protective barrier between your leather and all sorts of potential issues.  Scuff your toe on the curb with a pair of shoes that haven't seen much care and you can be sure that the scuff will go right into the leather and remain.  Treat your shoes with Petri Polish and that very same scuff remains in the layer of protective wax, meaning it can be removed with a quick buff.

Protecting your shoes and looking better at the same time?  That's a win-win for leather lovers everywhere.