Coconut Oil: Great for Leather, Great for your Skin! February 26 2015

We just came across an awesome natural skin care company out of Brooklyn, S.W. Basics.  They've got some amazing offerings to keep your skin clean and beautiful, and they've also got a great write-up on our favorite moisturizing oil (coconut oil, of course!) right here.

We love coconut oil for its amazing ability to hydrate leather.  Some of its great traits include its extremely high saturated fat content (92% as opposed to mink oil's 80%).  This has a great impact on its oxidative stability, a measure which indicates coconut oil's extreme resilience to bacteria and general rotting as compared to other natural oils.  Do you want rotting shoes or couches?  Neither do we! Gratuitous palm tree shot...

Here's some great info from S.W. Basics on coconut oil's performance on skin--we think these are all great properties for a leather care product as well (maybe in a slightly different manner...but still):

  • It’s amazingly moisturizing, gliding on your body smoothly (and less messily than other oils) and leaving you hydrated for hours. 
  • It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, meaning it helps heal rashes, scars, infections, and even ACNE. Yes, people, it’s okay to put oil on acne. 
  • Loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants, it offers tons of nutrition for your skin. Good fats = healthy skin. 

And our formulas use organic, extra-virgin coconut oil, by the way!  Thanks for reading and stay shiny.