Our proprietary natural leather care formulas were developed to produce optimal results while providing an enjoyable experience.  Made in New England at a fourth-generation, family-owned factory specializing in all-natural cosmetics, rest assured that your expensive leather is in good hands with Petri Polish.

Potions by Petri Polish are engineered for polishing shoes efficiently and effectively.  They restore oils vital to leather's health and longevity--not only by delivering nourishment but also by drawing key oils and fats from the tanning process back to the surface of the leather.  These potions refresh color and impart spectacular shines.

We've ensured that our products will not compromise the longevity of your valuable leather goods by foregoing all chemicals that have the potential to harm leather (such as petroleum distillates, turpentine, and silicon).  

Leather Balm by Petri Polish is the ultimate cleaning and conditioning product; it also imparts incredible shine making it the first 3-in-1 product of its class.  Its versatility is fantastic: shoes, furniture, car interiors and handbags will all benefit from Leather Balm's potent oils, fats and waxes.