Shoe Potions

$ 25.00

Our potions are available in three colors: Black, Brown and Burgundy.  

The colors are ochre pigment based (as opposed to dye-based) and will not permanently alter your leather's color.  Brown--for example--can be used for anything from tan saddle leather to chocolate calfskin; even black is versatile--try it on the toe box of a pair of light brown shoes for a gentle burnished effect.

Each jar treats approximately 250 pairs of shoes or medium handbags.  At 10 cents per shine, there is no greater bargain in fashion.



    1. Wipe shoes down gently with our shine cloth.
    2. Brush with a horsehair brush.
    3. Apply potion with smooth side of shine cloth; less is more!
    4. Allow to dry for 3 to 5 minutes then brush each shoe thoroughly using a horsehair brush. 
    5. Buff with plush side of shine cloth.

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