About Us

Petri Polish

We are proud to offer you the finest leather care products available.  Made from all-natural ingredients, our products will clean, condition and shine your leather goods--all without resorting to artificial, toxic substances such as petroleum distillates.  

Petri Polish will neither harm your leather nor release noxious vapors into the air; Our products do not contain petroleum distillates, turpentine or silicates - ingredients used to mimic proper care at the expense of longevity.  

Petri Polish's products leverage 21st century formulation technologies to achieve sublime results.

Our products make your leather beautiful again--without erasing the blemishes that give such beauty its depth.  

Petri Polish: because there's always room for improvement. 


Brendan Petri: Founder

I love leather and I am obsessed with its care.  

Petri Polish creates products that make life easier and more beautiful, while introducing a bit of joy to otherwise mundane chores.  We help you to prepare for each day's challenges, both outwardly and inwardly.

You owe it to yourself to feel the pleasure of infusing your old, worn leather goods with oils, fats and waxes that reveal a beauty that must be earned, not synthetically created. The sensory experience provided by Petri Polish's fragrance enhances your mood while you buff to perfection.

The inspiration for Petri Polish came from a true gentleman named Lou Varsames who showed me that leather's natural beauty can bestow a rare sort of strength upon its owner.  Mr. Varsames built my family's home, and I'll never forget the beautiful shoes that he wore through the muddiest worksites each day.  

He carried a shoe shine kit in his trunk at all times, and when he opened that kit, everyone knew that lunchtime was near.  The rhythm of his brush strokes seemed to control the sun itself; morning could not become afternoon until Lou's shoes sparkled.  

He'd be the first to tell you that polished shoes do not make a man or woman worthy of respect; left unkempt, however, they make such respect more difficult to earn.

Only when I determined to care for my own shoes as a young man did I remember Mr. Varsames' magnetic personality, his overwhelming charisma--and his shine box.  The simple ritual of caring for one's shoes and bags builds confidence that not only allows one to seize chances with gusto, but to create opportunities from thin air.

Through trial and error I became proficient with a rag and a brush, but somewhere along the way it occurred to me that even the finest polishes hadn't changed in over 100 years.  In an age when dozens of male-specific personal care brands thrive, somehow leather care has been overlooked.  Petri Polish was created to fill this gap.

Stay Shiny!

Brendan Petri

Founder, Petri Polish