Leather Balm

$ 25.00

Our flagship product, leather balm cleans, conditions and shines--and it does them all brilliantly!  We've spent countless hours fine-tuning this formula to arrive at this remarkably versatile jar of leather alchemy.

With Leather Balm, never again will a scuffed shoe stand between you and success. 

Each jar treats approximately 250 pairs of shoes or medium handbags.  At 10 cents per use, there is no better fashion bargain in the world.



  1. Wipe down leather with a damp shine cloth.
  2. Apply Leather Balm with the smooth side of our shine cloth.
  3. Allow to dry for 8 to 10 minutes (allowing the product to dry overnight every month or so will ensure that your leather remains perfectly conditioned).
  4. Brush with a horsehair brush and buff with plush side of shine cloth.

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