Handmade Walnut Valet

$ 300.00

 Featuring solid black walnut, these special valets are made exclusively for Petri Polish by an expert craftsman in rugged Vermont.

The walnut tree was scouted and sourced from a neighbor's property; our friend in Vermont waited for years until it grew too large and threatened the home, making its removal necessary.  The tree was taken down and lives on in these heirloom works of art.

The unique "live edge" (the front portion of the lid which is where the bark once covered the wood) is only possible because of the way in which the wood was sourced.  Lumberyards produce planks without much regard for natural beauty; trees from yards that happen to belong to friends of master woodworkers in Vermont go straight to the shop, and--with a lot of legwork--ultimately become these one-of-a-kind valets that we are proud to offer to you. 

Purchase the valet alone to fill as you please or as a fully stocked gift set (contents described below); it holds up to 6 jars of polish and 2 of our extra large brushes.  The gift set includes everything needed to get started with Petri Polish:

  • 1 jar of each of our 4 formulas (Leather Balm, Black Potion, Burgundy Potion & Brown Potion);
  • 2 Shine Cloths
  • 2 Horsehair Brushes

Please contact us with any questions on this beautiful work of art.


*Note:  variation in features such as grain and appearance of live edge are not only to be expected but to be cherished, as each of these boxes are made by hand.